Making Money Writing on Medium: A Personal Experience

2 min readFeb 7, 2023

How I made 7 bucks

Medium is a popular online platform that allows writers to publish their articles and reach a wide audience. In the past month, I made £7 from writing on Medium and I would like to share my experience.

First, I created an account and published several articles on different topics, ranging from personal development to technology. To increase my reach and visibility, I utilized Medium’s tags and categories to categorize my articles. This helped me reach the right audience for each of my articles.

Second, I made sure to write high-quality content that was well researched and well-written. I also added images and infographics to make my articles more visually appealing.

Third, I joined Medium’s partner program, which allowed me to earn money for every read on my articles. To maximize my earnings, I made sure to write articles that were popular and relevant to my audience. This helped me attract more readers and earn more money.

Fourth, I promoted my articles on social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. This helped me reach a larger audience and increase my readership.

Making money on Medium requires patience, persistence, and high-quality content. By following these tips, I was able to make £7 in just one month. Whether you are a professional writer or just starting out, Medium can be a great platform to reach a wide audience and make some extra cash.




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